HR Software for Small and Medium Business

5 Reasons to Use HR Software in Your Small and Medium Business

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Most companies in the Philippines have HR Management but that is not the case for some small businesses. SMBs tend to overlook its importance and the value it may add to their growth. Their focus is mainly shifted towards the business’ profitability rather than employee management. However, start-ups fail to realize that as your company grows, managing your staff also becomes complicated – but do you really want to be burdened with complexity before you deploy an HR solution?

Over 4,000 companies use HR Software especially Payroll Pro to experience minimal miscalculations and inconsistencies. It is a TRAIN Law-Ready system with talent management and free biometric device and access control – making it effortless to supervise your manpower. With Payroll Philippines, businesses can automate their processes and modernize workforce management with ease.

There are several reasons why Payroll Pro can be essential to your growing business:

1. It’s TRAIN LAW Compliant

Payroll Pro is the first localized payroll software in the Philippines that can automatically compute premiums and generate government reports. It is a TRAIN LAW-ready solution, ideal for SMEs who still process their payroll manually.

2. Its precise timekeeping

Companies who are using this product save time and have a stress-free environment because biometric devices can be integrated to Payroll Pro for accurate generation of employee data and other information.

3. Its convenient features

Payroll Enterprise comes with an online feature of filing sick leave, vacation leave, overtime and official business. Its email notification feature is useful for the approver because they can immediately respond to employee requests.

4. It’s reliable

Manual processes may fail at managing your data and securing files but Payroll Philippines is a dependable system because it is specifically designed to automate your processes and eliminate HR inconsistencies.

5. It’s compatible

Payroll Philippines can be also integrated to accounting or other ERP Software for seamless processing of data.

Companies can avoid miscalculations, discrepancies and any other common HR problems. Payroll doesn’t have to be that complicated because with Payroll Pro, business management is made easy.

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