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Loan Management

This module helps to track, manage, and maintain all loan facilities-related functions in your organization to minimize errors and ensure compliance

Benefits Management

It provides a structured approach and complete control over managing employee benefits, from application to reimbursement.


Access and manage the time spent on tasks from anywhere at any time, and sync it with your payroll management for accurate computation.

Recruitment Management

Covers all the crucial elements of the recruitment process, from identifying vacancies and candidate information collection, to the final steps of interviewing and onboarding.


Shortens the time spent on onboarding and integrating an employee to the organization by providing a centralized platform for new-hire orientation or requirements submission.


This module ensures a smooth transition of the entire exit process from resignation requests to final departure by streamlining the clearance process without skipping a single step.

Performance Management

Connects with other employee performance-related modules to measure and manage employees’ capabilities against the organization’s goals and objectives.

Probation Evaluation

Facilitates the entire process of probationary employee evaluations, allowing users to assess, summarize, and carry out the evaluation process on candidates.

Training and Development

Organizes the procedures surrounding a business’s training and development phases. It allows users to request, identify and apply for required training programs.

Talent Management

Uses the performance vs. potential metrics in identifying, retaining, and fostering top performers and future leaders within the organization.

Grievance Handling

Automates the process of collecting and evaluating employee complaints and grievances. It also provides a step-by-step procedure in keeping with mandated policies and guidelines.

Payroll Simulations

Gives a complete picture of the organization’s payroll. It compares last year’s to this year’s data and predicts future scenarios through simulated environments.

Disciplinary Management

Helps record, track, and manage the disciplinary actions taken for misconduct, inappropriate work behavior, and other incidents within the workplace.

Interactive Analytics

Create interactive dashboards to visualize, understand, and present data in a user-friendly way. Track trends, identify potential issues and make data-driven decisions.

Predictive Analytics

Accurately forecast future outcomes based on current and past trends, so you can anticipate potential risks and make informed decisions.

General Request Tracker

Track, manage, and respond to employee requests for various tasks or services so the organization can fulfill all requests quickly and efficiently.

Self-service HR

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On Demand Reporting Tool

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