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Tired of tedious platforms? Get the perfect combination of speed, accuracy, and control with our all-in-one payroll solution. PayrollPlus combines payroll, benefits administration, and compliance solutions into one easy-to-use system.

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PayrollPlus and Timekeeping Price

Employee Information Manager

Manage and generate reports about employee details, including personal information, contacts, work experience, education, and more.

Organization Chart

Create a graphical representation of the entire organization’s reporting structure, including employee movement, work roles, and responsibilities.

Employee Lifecycle Management

Tracks career changes such as promotions, department transfers, salary increments, demotions, and more.

Payroll Management

Can be configured according to the company’s payroll policy and handle functions such as payslips, payroll reports, and multi-currency transactions.

Absence Management

A single platform for employee attendance and management. Track multiple employee leaves and identify, forecast, or plan required time off periods ahead of time.

Time and Attendance

Control costs, minimize compliance risks, and improve workforce productivity by tracking employee attendance consistently and reliably.

Report Navigator

This module can generate pre-defined reports and decrease the time and effort exhausted on information mining.

Self-service HR

A self-service tool that gives employees access to HR-related functions such as filing for leaves, requesting training requirements, and updating personal information.

On Demand Reporting Tool

A reporting tool that enables users to create, modify and view reports generated through the system from various modules available.

Mobile App

Access standard HR functions, connect to the company’s system, manage company profiles, and request, approve, or reject time off via a mobile device.

Self-service HR

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On Demand Reporting Tool

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Upgrade your payroll system and empower your HR team by investing in an HRIS that extends the ability of payroll management. Do more than the core functionalities, maximize employee experience, and improve your overall engagement in the organization. Explore our HRIS packages today.

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