Philippine Payroll 101: All about PHILHEALTH

What is PhilHealth?  How do you reflect it properly in your payroll?  Here is another article provided to you by the Philippine Payroll software discussing relevant knowledge about important deductions and benefits in your company payslip.


Both SSS and GSIS members are covered. By virtue of the National Health Insurance Act of 1995, PHILHEALTH is tasked by the government to administer and sustain a program that will provide affordable but better health care services not only to its members but also to the individual member’s valid beneficiaries:

  • Legitimate spouse who is neither a PHILHEALTH member or individually-paying member, and unemployed;
  • Legitimate, illegitimate, legally adopted and step children below 21 years old, unmarried, unemployed;
  • Child dependents who are 21 years old and above suffering from any congenital or acquired illness or disease;
  • Parents over 60 years old who are purely dependent on the member for support.


To avail of the benefit, the member should:

  • Have paid at least three (3) monthly contributions within the six (6) months period before the month of confinement;
  • Have been confined in any PHILHEALTH accredited hospital for at least 24 hours.

Further rules are as follows:

  • Reimbursement when admitted on non-PHILHEALTH accredited hospitals may be allowed only for emergency reasons and if the patient expires during confinement.
  • Other minor surgical procedures are covered. Please ask PHILHEALTH for the updated list.
  • PHILHEALTH’s assistance to confinements is limited to 45-days per year. Any unused days is not carried over on the succeeding year.

These rules are part of the processes already set if you try to computerize your payroll system and use the Philippine Payroll Software.

CONTACT PHILHEALTH to get comprehensive information about contribution requirements, benefits, forms, and claims procedures.

Visit or go to the nearest branch for further assistance.

The public and private sector should remit all contributions on or before the 10th day of the month following the applicable month at any PHILHEALTH Office or through Accredited Collecting Banks (ACBs) and their branches nationwide.

PHILHEALTH is gradually offering their services on-line or via internet as part of their development efforts.

Know more about the Philippine Payroll Software, CONTACT US.

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