Mustard Seed Systems Corporation has collaborated with with the objective of addressing the needs of individuals and SMEs who desire to secure healthcare plans but are discouraged due to high costs, limited benefits and coverage, and lack of quality service. This affiliate partnership with, a fully licensed insurance brokerage resulted in the creation of affordable, digital insurance that are specifically designed to cater to the requirements of both individuals and SMEs. On top of comprehensive coverage and flexible subscription plans, the company guarantees assistance and quality care to its clients through their customer support 365 days a year.

Providing Affordable Health Plan for All: for Individuals and SMEs

Never worry about filing claims or dealing with complex medical billing, again.

Affordable Health Plans

Enjoy benefits and coverage at an affordable price. offers cost-effective Health Plans specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals or small businesses.

Low Monthly Payments

Manage your personal or your business finances easier with the option to pay monthly. There is NO requirement for a significant upfront annual payment.

Flexible Subscription Management offers a flexible and convenient way to manage your monthly Health Plan subscriptions. Easily add or remove employees and dependents any time.

Packages & Pricing offers comprehensive packages tailored for individuals and SMEs. Choose the subscription plan that best fits your requirements.

Program & Benefits

Explore the different programs and benefits included in each plan to determine the ideal coverage for your needs.










Frequently Asked Questions

Accident-related availments will be available after 24 hours of purchase. All other availments be will be activated 15 days from purchase date.

The health subscription plans will be automatically cancelled if client will not be able to pay on time.

Yes, subscription can be reactivated but it will undergo another 15 days for it to be activated.

For group administered enrolments, the HR Admin must be the one to enroll their employees.

For individual enrolment, employees can enroll on their own in the portal.

For group administered employees, billing will be sent to the company, thus it is the company who will pay for the subscription.

For individual enrolment, the employee or individual is the one who will pay for the subscription.

Yes, employees or individuals who wish to enroll their dependents can do so.

Yes, PhilHealth is necessary. For those enrollees that do not have PhilHealth, they may opt to do the following:

- Enroll voluntarily under PhilHealth
- Pay for the additional PhilHealth portion of the bill when confined
- Pay an additional Php2 ,400.00 premium per head

No, since this is a cashless transaction, clients don’t need to bring money to the hospital when using the services.
Since this is an app-based health subscription plan, clients don’t need to bring cards in the hospital. All they need to do is present their e-card issued to them that can be found in their mobile app.
For check-ups, clients can use their app to set a schedule with the doctor and generate LOA.
Yes, pre-existing conditions are covered up to maximum benefit limit. However, for congenital conditions, it will only be covered up to 50% of the maximum benefit limit.
Yes, our plans are accredited in all major hospitals including Makati Medical Center, St. Luke’s Global City & Quezon City, Asian Hospital Medical Center, The Medical City, etc.

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