Empower Employees with the Easy-to-Use Self-Service HR Kiosk Application

The innovative Self-Service HR kiosk is an intuitive solution tailored to empower every employee, and revolutionize workforce interaction in the organization. Designed with accessibility in mind, it streamlines navigation and profile viewing for individuals facing language barriers. What’s more, it allows users to manage their schedules by planning holidays, applying for leaves, or tracking attendance on the platform. With a user-friendly touch screen interface, even those with limited computer skills can navigate the system with ease, requiring nothing more than their employee ID code or fingerprint. Rest assured, data is safeguarded through stringent security measures. Additionally, the kiosk offers the convenience of printing payslips in just a few clicks.

Grant Employee Autonomy through the Key Features of the Self-Service Kiosk

Advanced Employee Self-Service

Step into the future of HR management, and cultivate inclusivity by implementing physical kiosk systems – designed for employees who do not have regular access to computers or smart devices. Enjoy the convenience of self-service payslip printing, securely and efficiently bringing essential HR services directly to the employees’ hands.

Manage Your Attendance

Plan your holidays like never before. PayrollPlus’ kiosk system offers users an efficient way to schedule their holidays, apply leaves, and track attendance. Empower your workforce to take control of their time, making leave applications and attendance checking a breeze. It’s time management, redefined for everyone’s convenience.

User-Friendly Interface with Secure Access

Experience simplicity with the HR kiosk’s optional touch screen interface, perfect for those less familiar with computers. Access a world of HR functionalities at your fingertips using fingerprint technology or employee ID codes. Navigate through employee profiles in various languages, breaking down communication barriers for a more inclusive workplace experience. Alongside this ease of use, the platform ensures robust data security – making your HR experience a whole lot easier and safer.

Product Highlights

Easy Access

Employees only need their ID code or fingerprint to operate the kiosk

Multilingual Option

Makes it easier for employees with language barriers to navigate and view their profiles

Holiday Planning

Allows employees to plan their holidays, apply leaves, and view attendance

Touch Screen

Designed with a touch screen for simpler access for users with limited computer literacy

Data Protection

The self-service kiosk ensures data protection with robust security measures

Print Payslips

Allows employees to print their own pay slips in just a few clicks

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