We have created a Six-Phase Implementation Method to standardize the way we deploy PayrollPlus to your company. This helps us rapidly customize the software based on your requirements in a matter of weeks.

Master Data Build Up & Data Migration

We will assist you in our data build up and migration
to your new system. The duration for this process
will depend on the size of your database.

  • Employee Master File & 201
  • Employee Allowance
  • Employee Leaves
  • Employee Loans
  • User Access

Software Customization

Our team will conduct software installation and any database or administration needed before Users can utilize the system
  • Software Installation
  • Database & Network Administration

End-user Payroll Process Training

Our experts will provide an in-depth training for all the Payroll and/or HRIS modules you have availed. The success of this process is also dependent on the trainees. Recordings will also be provided for the guidance and review of the Users.

  • Setup and Overview
  • Actual Payroll Process

User Acceptance Training

Users will get a hands-on training from our Consultants using their day-to-day business processes and scenarios. All details of the scenarios must be addressed.
  • Test different scenarios for some employees
  • Hands on process training

Pre Go-Live

Users and Consultants will conduct a parallel process with
the Client’s existing system and with their new Payroll/ HRIS
solution. This is to enable a smooth transition and to prevent
any missed transactions while the new system is undergoing

  • Preparation and loading of beginning balances
  • Parallel processing for one month
  • Generation of Reports

Go-Live Assistance

Once both parties successfully completed the migration and
trainings, we will conduct a Go Live. This indicates that
the Client confirms that the system is working well based
on their requirements. The project will be signed off.

  • Actual Payroll Process
  • Project Acceptance
  • Project Sign Off

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