Manage Talents from Acquisition to Onboarding with Recruitment Management

Explore the capabilities of PayrollPlus’ Recruitment Management module, a complete solution covering the entire hiring process – from requirements discovery, to talent profiling, and onboarding. This system guarantees regulatory compliance, streamlines the entire recruitment journey, and maintains employee records. Tailor manpower requests, outline interview stages, and tap into diverse headhunting methods for a truly insightful approach. With integrations that make transitioning to the new job seamless, impress your new hires from day one!

Enhanced Recruitment Management System Key Features

Streamlined Recruitment Process

The Recruitment Management module covers the crucial elements of the entire recruitment process – from identifying a vacant position, candidate information collection to the final steps of interviewing and selecting the suitable candidate. Track, manage, and meticulously document all the steps with ease. The system then creates an archive of information, enabling swift access for future reference. It transforms the entire process by building candidate profiles which produces a robust applicant database for efficient hiring decisions. Change the way you recruit talent today and experience a refined process tailored to your company’s needs!

Ensure Procedural Compliance

Your hiring journey begins with pinpointing vacant positions and aligning these requisitions with your manpower strategy, requirements, and resources. The Recruitment Management system leaves no room for deviation, and offers a blend of procedure and compliance with your existing regulations. Have confidence in your recruitment process as every step can be set up to adhere to the procedural structures in place.

Advanced Screening Process

A game-changer in recruitment strategies! This module allows creation of pre-configured business rules and validation methods that align with your organization’s unique business roles. You can also define and customize the recruitment journey from assigning interview panels to setting the order of selection processes by identifying the stages. These talents are then  filtered by the recruiters against specific criteria. As candidates move through the process, they receive notifications about their advancement or rejection in the recruitment stages. Elevate your recruitment standards today and discover the future of talent screening.

Job Postings Made Easy

Define your preferred recruitment method; be it paper ads, web postings, or job agency notifications – this module lets you choose the most suitable medium for you. Stay informed about the costs you have incurred, so you can control your budget. What’s more, it can obtain crucial statistical reports to steer your decision-making throughout the hiring process. Flexibility is also one of this system’s strengths —with integration into onboarding processes that allows you to collaborate with external agencies, PayrollPlus is your ultimate recruitment partner for success!

Flexible and Fair Recruitment

Navigate the hiring process with agility and fairness. Configure criteria and employ advanced screening at all stages with anti-bias safeguards to avoid discrimination. The system also enables you to customize interview panels by handpicking the right employees and empowering the Panel Heads to offer valuable candidate feedback. Create an inclusive and equitable recruitment process with the PayrollPlus’ Recruitment Management module.

Extend Capabilities with Integrations

Elevate your game with the Recruitment Module—now with enhanced capabilities through integrations! Easily connect it to your website and key social media platforms, so that potential candidates find you with ease. What’s more, it can simplify pre-joining formalities as it can be connected with the onboarding module. Forge links with external recruitment partners, for an unparalleled hiring experience and enriched recruitment ecosystem. Elevate your strategy today with integrated solutions that set you apart.

Product Highlights

3 Stage Cycle

Covers all the crucial steps from recruitment to onboarding

Total Compliance

Makes sure you follow all steps and regulations in place

Track and Record

Manage and keep a detailed record of the entire recruitment process

Archived Information

Creates documentation per employee for future reference

Match Requisition

Requisition process aligned with manpower planning

Validate Candidates

Set rules and parameters based on business roles

Set Panels and Stages

Define the interview panels and identify recruitment stages

Provide Feedback

Allow Panel Heads to provide comments against each candidate

Job Advertisements

Different recruitment methods from online postings to agencies

Set Budgets

Track costs incurred during the hiring process


Receive updates for every stage of the recruitment cycle

Applicant Database

Pool talents using the candidate profiles

Statistical Reports

Get more insights on your hiring methodology

Onboarding Integration

Can be integrated with onboarding for pre-joining formalities

Portal Linking

Can be integrated with outsourced recruitment partners

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