Keep Them Engaged with the Employee Self Service HR

Gain comprehensive control over your work life with Self Service HR—a versatile platform designed to streamline your daily administrative tasks. From attendance records to performance metrics, access and manage crucial information effortlessly from any smart device, anywhere. Customize your experience with preferred widgets for easy navigation and connect seamlessly with colleagues within the network. Utilizing structured workflows, this all-in-one portal facilitates swift approvals for necessary updates, as well as provide powerful insights and analyses essential for strategic decision-making.

Enhance Autonomy within the Workforce Using the Self-Service Human Resources Module

Stay in Control

Reduce the time and effort associated with simple administrative tasks via the Self-Service Human Resources (SSHR) portal! This innovative platform puts employees in control, allowing users to manage their personal details, attendance, and absence records easily. Need to request leave or communicate your training needs? It’s all at your fingertips.

Centralized Portal for Employees

The SSHR module simplifies how important information about employees are handled. It is a single hub that employees can access from any location, to monitor and manage their personal data. This common platform is also a great tool to communicate with all employees, making it easier to connect with everyone in your workforce. Whether it’s sharing updates or addressing specific needs, this system helps HR stay organized while making sure everyone gets the right information.

Easy Personalization and Setup

Through simple settings and easy customization options, individuals can tailor their experience effortlessly through this self-service hub. The SSHR is a user-friendly portal that serves as an avenue for individuals to monitor, manage, and update their personal information. These swift updates are then sent for approval that triggers the predefined workflows. Moreover, it also simplifies goal-setting by allowing employees to personally set and revise their annual goals to align with their individual aspirations.

Access the Portal Anytime, Anywhere

Redefine convenience by offering employees access and seamless connectivity just by logging in the SSHR portal for their daily tasks. This accessibility extends to putting control in the hands of the users, enabling them to manage and access information at their pace. With real-time check-ins available from any location, remote and mobile employees can engage with the system instantly, ensuring up-to-date interactions no matter where they are. The beauty of this system lies in its accessibility, which is available via any smart device, ensuring that the HR platform is just a few taps away, transforming the way employees engage with essential HR functions.

Enhanced Productivity and Planning

The portal stands as a catalyst for improved productivity, notably reducing the time and effort required for routine administrative tasks. Self Service HR changes the way holidays and absences are managed by enabling employees to submit requests, quickly check for scheduling conflicts, and secure authorizations within the intuitive module. This not only simplifies the workflow but also empowers individuals to proactively plan and manage their time off.

Unveil Business Insights

Within the Self Service HR portal lies a transformative tool: Business Intelligence. This feature enables users to harness business insights for more informed decisions. It simplifies the process by offering a quick, visual snapshot of collected business intelligence, providing an overview that fuels the decision-making process. Beyond simplicity, this feature facilitates complex analyses, allowing for in-depth exploration and examination of intricate data sets. By unlocking this depth of information, the HR portal empowers businesses to make more strategic plans based on data-driven intelligence.

Wide Range of Widgets

The Self Service HR platform introduces a range of widgets designed to streamline daily operations and enhance user experience. Users have the flexibility to tailor their homepage with widgets that align with their priorities, enabling seamless management of various HR functions.  Together, these widgets create an integrated, user-friendly HR ecosystem, optimizing productivity and engagement within the organization. Widgets include:

  • Company Calendar – facilitates management of corporate events and holidays
  • Policy Documents – offers centralized access to essential corporate policies
  • Special Notices – empower users to communicate important information directly to employees
  •  Employee Directory – simplifies information retrieval by providing an intuitive view of selected employee data
  • Absence Management – Access, handle, and monitor all leave-related details conveniently
  • Appraisal – Streamlined and user-friendly appraisal process for effortless navigation
  • Clock in – Manually log attendance with precise location indications
  • KPI Management – Record achievements linked to each KPI and monitor advancement
  • All-in-One Approvals – Review all pending approvals across all modules from a unified location
  • Voice of Employees – encourage employee feedback, either anonymously or with identification
  • News – delivers corporate communications and updates efficiently


Product Highlights

Easy Viewing

View information from attendance to training and performance related metrics

Check and Apply Leaves

Manage your attendance or update personal data on the go

Centralized Access

All-in-one portal for daily administrative tasks

Mobile Access

Accessible in any location using any smart device

Real-time Check-in

Remote and mobile employees can time-in from anywhere


Employees can choose their preferred widgets for easy access

Effortless Communication

Get in touch with anyone within the connected network

Automated Approvals

Uses structured workflows to facilitate approvals on information updates

Business Intelligence

Provides a visual snapshot of powerful organizational insights

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Generates complex analyses for strategic decisions

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