Empower, Engage, Excel: Foster Employee Success with Performance Management Module

Uncover the full spectrum of possibilities within our robust Performance Management module. Take charge of the entire appraisal process by setting and revising goals based on business needs. Choose from various evaluation methods to measure skills and competencies, monitoring daily KPIs for actual achievements. With assessments and transparent reviews, track proficiency levels effectively. This module also standardizes performance records, connecting them with growth and compensation for informed decisions. Dive into intuitive on-screen dashboards and analyze trends in the organization. Plus, you can seamlessly integrate it with the Employee Information Manager, Training and Development, and Talent Management modules for a holistic HR approach.

Unveil Employee Potential using the Key Features of the Performance Management Module

End-to-End Performance Appraisals

Guide your team to success with the all-in-one solution for performance appraisal. From kick-starting evaluations to overseeing overall performance, this PayrollPlus module simplifies every step. Create invaluable links among employee performance, career growth, and compensation, to facilitate strategic decisions. With a user-friendly interface and alerts that indicate progress, it encourages enhanced employee performance and workforce success. Say hello to efficient performance management that aligns with your company-wide goals.

Elevated Goal Setting

Unleash your people’s potential through this goal setting feature. Seamlessly set, track, and revise goals, whether individual, team, or company-wide, fostering progress aligned with business needs. Empower reporting managers to propose and adjust goals to employees, cultivating a stronger focus on achieving overarching KPIs. By directly linking individual efforts to the organization’s strategies and objectives, our module ensures every step propels your team towards unparalleled success. Boost your performance management and witness your goals turn into achievements

KPI-driven Evaluations

Supercharge your organization’s progress with the HRIS Performance Management module! Explore a range of evaluation options—KPI, competency, and skill-based assessments—that cater to diverse needs. Whether it’s the 90, 180, or 360-degree evaluations, track and compare proficiency levels against actual achievements effortlessly. Stay on top of your own and your team’s daily KPIs and conduct quick, multi-level assessments for goals and competencies. With our unique two-level appraiser system that has a 180-degree method for enhanced transparency, drive your team towards clearer, more insightful evaluations. Discover a dynamic approach to performance evaluation that inspires growth and success!

Support Employees’ Career Trajectory

Ascend the corporate ladder with confidence. Visualize your personal growth trajectory, preparing yourself for future advancements along your career path. Managers can also identify top performers within specific competencies, ensuring they’re matched with special job requirements. Drive fair compensation decisions based on employee performance, promoting a rewarding workplace that values and rewards excellence. Support your professional journey with tailored growth opportunities.

Leverage the Bell Curve

The innovative Bell Curve feature offers three levels of moderation that facilitates fair and accurate assessments while enhancing the evaluation process. Say goodbye to ambiguity and embrace standardization of results against expected outcomes. This will transform the way users refine the assessment process, leading your team towards clearer benchmarks for success, and better alignment of performance metrics.

Record Incidents with Critical Journal

Enable detailed record-keeping of every employee’s achievements and areas needing improvement. With this tool, reporting managers gain the ability to document each milestone and misstep, fostering a clearer understanding of individual performance. Moreover, the critical journal system enables an appeal process for employees, providing fairness and transparency in evaluations. Embrace a thorough approach to performance tracking while fostering a culture of accountability.

Dynamic Dashboards

With multiple info-graphical dashboards at your disposal, delve into detailed analyses of past performance trends. Our on-screen dashboards provide a summary view of the organization’s performance ratings, delivering insights essential for strategic analysis. Elevate your understanding of key metrics which can also be printed for any employee of your choice. Uncover the power of visual data representation and pave the way for concise yet impactful, data-driven strategies.

Improved Workflows with Integrations

Synergize the modules by utilizing its integration capabilities. Connect with essential modules like Employee Information Manager, Training and Development, and Talent Management, promoting a cohesive approach to employee growth. These integrations among different modules can unlock employee potential or identify and bridge performance gaps effectively. Adapt a connected ecosystem for a complete overview of your team’s capabilities.

Product Highlights

Holistic Appraisal

Handles the entire performance appraisal process from start to end

Goal Setting

Managers can set, revise, and propose goals based on business needs

Conduct Evaluations

Utilize 90, 180, or 360 degree skill-based, competency evaluations

Track KPIs

Monitor daily KPIs and measure them against actual achievements

Multiple Assessments

Conduct as many, immediate assessments to measure proficiency levels

Appraiser Levels

Enable 2 level reviewers for more transparent, fuller, assessments

Bell Curve

Standardize actual employee performance using 3 levels of moderation

Critical Incidents Journal

Keep detailed records of achievements and misses for each employee

Link Data

Connect performance management, growth, and compensation for informed decisions

Info-graphical Dashboards

View multiple on-screen dashboards and analyze performance trends

Print Data

The drilled down information can be printed for your chosen employee

Receive Alerts

Track, manage and follow-up with alerts and progress indicators

Available Integrations

Connect with EIM, Training and Development, and Talent Management Modules

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