Optimized On-boarding Module for Smoother Transitions and Increased Productivity

PayrollPlus HRIS simplifies onboarding tasks via the Onboarding module which ensures a smooth transition for your new hires. Monitor progress right from day one, while complying with policies and maintaining detailed stage records. Each candidate profile is equipped with an extensive list of onboarding actions, enabling tracking of every step executed. Stay updated with notifications at various phases and connect this module with the Employee Information Manager or Recruitment Module. Experience the ease of onboarding like never before!

Discover the Dynamic Key Features of the Employee Onboarding Module

Create a Lasting Impression

Welcome your employees through the Onboarding module, and create an experience that not only impresses but also sets the stage for enhanced productivity. This platform brings structure to the administrative activities such as orientations, paperwork, training, technology setup as well as distribution of company assets. Make the new recruits feel valued and empowered as they begin their employment with your organization.

Shortened Learning Curve

This approach ensures a smooth onboarding experience, aligning new hires with your business goals right from the start. Shorten the learning curve and increase productivity from day one. Experience consistent, strong, and effective knowledge dissemination among the new recruits, fostering a strong foundation within your company. With the Onboarding Module, your team starts strong and coincides with your objectives throughout their journey.

Simplified Onboarding Process

Embark on your onboarding process with this module that streamlines all the steps from induction to post-joining formalities. This platform combines crucial steps, profiles, and assignments, ensuring each phase flows seamlessly. It’s capable of organizing candidate profiles and flawlessly maps them with the Employee Information Manager or Recruitment modules if these systems are integrated.

Efficient Task Management

Set up onboarding actions and receive notification alerts for every different phase of onboarding, enabling you as an admin to track and manage tasks for each candidate effortlessly. Users can also view or edit candidate onboarding progress, while authorized administrative users are able to maintain a checklist of onboarding actions completed under each specific candidate profile.

Proactive Talent Management

This module is more than a tool; it’s a strategy to manage your talent resources proactively. It integrates with the broader business planning process monthly and annually, allowing you to monitor and update candidate progress. Always plan ahead to avoid talent surpluses or shortages.

Product Highlights

Unified Platform

Covers all aspects from induction, orientation, and post joining formalities

Policy Compliance

Comply with policies and maintain detailed records of completed stages

Accelerated Transition

Eases the tasks associated with onboarding procedures

Progress Tracking

Monitor employee progress from day one

Onboarding Checklist

Maintain a list of onboarding actions under each candidate profile

Receive Alerts

Get notifications during different phases of onboarding

Detailed Reports

Keeps track of all the actions executed throughout the process

Available Integrations

Connect with the Employee Information Manager or Recruitment Module

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