HR Organizational Chart Module: Experience Organizational Transparency

Create a detailed organizational structure to suit your company’s needs. The HR Organizational Chart allows you to make strategic moves and manage how the employees move around and within the organization. It  meticulously maintains a reliable record of everyone’s roles and responsibilities, eliminates redundancy, and ensures accurate data is always at hand. Support better decisions and manage your workforce, while enabling better collaboration and information sharing with this module.

Redefine Job Roles Using the Key Features of the HR Organizational Chart Module

Enhanced Strategic Decision-Making

Unlock the power of strategic decision-making with PayrollPlus’ HR Organizational Chart module. It meticulously documents work roles, responsibilities, and control points, ensuring accurate, reliable records. What’s more, it eliminates overlapping and duplicate job roles, so you’ll have a clear overview of the entire organizational structure. It clarifies reporting hierarchies and specific job responsibilities, plus provides a clear mapping of the workflow that exists within the organization, paving the way for more innovative, more informed decision

Customizable Reporting Hierarchies

Visualize and tailor your company’s reporting hierarchy with ease. This module enables you to create a graphical representation of the entire organization’s reporting structure, as well as allows you to define unlimited organizational levels. Employees are also able to access and view the organizational structure to better understand the reporting hierarchies and responsibilities associated with their job role. It’s a tool designed for clarity and precision, ensuring that every layer of your organization is mapped out and understood.

Efficient Employee Information Management

Navigate the complexities of employee information across multiple locations effortlessly. This module provides authorized users with a streamlined pathway to locate and explore employee details within various entities. Its customizable view reveals key matrices surrounding the organization’s workforce, with the added convenience of exporting or printing them. Whether drilling into employee data, checking each individual’s reporting hierarchy,  or understanding active employee roles in specific departments, this feature ensures efficient, transparent access to essential information, enhancing overall organizational management and oversight.

Product Highlights

Reporting Structure Visualization

Graphically visualize and customize your organization’s reporting structure

Unlimited Levels

Define unlimited levels within the organization as needed

Detailed Workforce Information

Includes detailed employee information and fundamental headcount metrics

Workflow Mapping

Enables mapping of workflows and authorities in the organization

Eliminate Duplicate Roles

Prevents overlapping and duplication of job roles within the hierarchy

Multiple Locations

Easily locate employees who operate in multiple sites

Print and Export Charts

Create prints and export charts depicting organizational structures

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