PayrollPlus for Manufacturing: Management Seamless Operations, Powerful Workforce

PayrollPlus has a suite of modules that goes beyond standard payroll, offering functions tailored for businesses under the Manufacturing Industry. Its suite of modules such as Payroll Management, Time and Attendance, Absence Management, Timesheet with Cost Center and Recruitment module addresses key aspects of payroll processing and staffing. From seamless compensation computation to talent acquisition for highly skilled workers, this integrated system enhances operational efficiency and safety by providing training under the Training and Development modules. Most importantly, it has the Grievance Handling module which addresses employee well-being and ensures a fair and compliant work environment contributing to a positive workplace culture. Elevate your manufacturing workforce management by switching to PayrollPlus – where integrated solutions meet industry-specific needs.

Payroll Management: Complex Payroll Processing for the Manufacturing Industry

In the fast-paced environment of the Manufacturing Sector, where high turnover rates and various employment types are common, precise Payroll Management is imperative. The Payroll Management module of PayrollPlus HRIS tackles the complexities associated with diverse pay periods such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, as well as various employment classifications, including full-time, part-time, independent contractors, seasonal workers, and gig workers. This module ensures accurate and timely compensation processing addressing the unique payroll challenges prevalent in the manufacturing industry.

Absence Management: Prevent Employee Shortages and Guarantee Timely Production Output

The Absence Management module within PayrollPlus HRIS is a crucial tool for manufacturing businesses seeking to manage retention and attrition effectively. High turnover rates and workforce shortages often plague the industry, where attendance is paramount to efficient resource management and timely output delivery. Absenteeism can lead to increased labor costs, as manufacturers may need to hire temporary staff or pay overtime to compensate for the missing workforce. Consistent attendance helps control labor costs and budget. Hence, manufacturing companies consider it vital to track and address employee absences. This module provides a comprehensive solution to monitor and manage leave requests, helping manufacturers strategically address attendance issues.

Time and Attendance Management for Manufacturing Companies: Track Multiple Shifts

Manufacturing businesses, with their shift-based workforce, face challenges in accurately tracking employee work hours, which can impact payroll calculations. The Time and Attendance Management module in PayrollPlus HRIS automates this process, providing a streamlined solution to monitor how long employees work. This automation not only minimizes errors but also ensures compliance with labor laws, facilitating precise payroll calculations for the manufacturing sector.

Recruitment Management: Employ Highly Skilled Workforce for Your Factory

The Recruitment Management module addresses the unique needs of the manufacturing industry, where there is a high demand for skilled workforce, and access to a large and diverse talent pool is crucial. From requisition to onboarding, this module streamlines the recruitment process, helping manufacturers efficiently source, evaluate, and onboard new talent. It plays a pivotal role in managing labor costs, addressing workforce shortages, and ensuring compliance with labor laws throughout the hiring process. This module does not only deal with immediate hiring needs – it also serves as a proactive measure to mitigate high turnover rates.

Benefits Management: Support Your Employees’ Well-being and Healthcare Needs

In the manufacturing sector, where the physical demands of the job can be significant, the Benefits Management module becomes essential. This module focuses on optimizing employee benefits including life and health insurance, disability insurance, medical and dental plans, performance and out-put based incentives, hazard pay and other perks, to enhance employee well-being and satisfaction. By effectively managing and communicating these benefits, manufacturers can contribute to a positive work environment and improve overall workforce protection.

Timesheet with Cost Center: Precise Resource Allocation for Manufacturing Efficiency

The Timesheet with Cost Center module in PayrollPlus  empowers manufacturing businesses to track employee hours and allot resources for a steady workflow. This module not only monitors idle time and staff activity but also generates detailed Time and Productivity reports. This data-driven approach ensures optimal utilization of resource allocation and cost control in the manufacturing sector. Most importantly, it contributes to enhanced productivity as it allows you to properly allocate staff to deliver goods on schedule, and meet customer demands and contractual obligations.

Grievance Handling for Manufacturers: Enhance Employee Working Conditions

The manufacturing industry, often susceptible to issues of abuse and inhumane treatment, necessitates a robust system for addressing employee grievances. As an employer, it is also your responsibility to respond to the trade unions’ concerns promptly and to ensure consistent standards based on labor laws. PayrollPlus recognizes the pivotal role of the Grievance Handling module in creating a work environment that safeguards employee well-being by addressing dissatisfaction or conflicts. Satisfied and motivated workers are inherently more efficient, and a well-functioning grievance system contributes to decreased turnover rates. As a result, you minimize disruptions in the manufacturing operations, while promoting a harmonious work environment. A streamlined grievance handling process not only protects the reputation of the business but also holds long-term implications for profitability.

Ensure Safety and Compliance with Manufacturing Procedures through PayrollPlus’ Training and Development

Within PayrollPlus, the Training and Development module serves as an important tool for manufacturing companies as it helps them facilitate safety training, and ensures that each skilled worker receives the latest and most relevant safety protocols and practices. From machinery operation to emergency response procedures, manufacturing companies should prioritize the enablement of the workers to instill a culture of safety, reducing workplace incidents and fostering a secure working environment. With the Training and Development module, you empower manufacturing teams to not only meet industry standards but to surpass them, elevating the expertise of every individual within the company.

Product Highlights

Accurate Payroll Computations

Ensure precise and dependable payroll computations that comply with policies and statutory requirements

Generate Payslip via Widget

Access the payslip widget to view or access the employee’s payslips

Identify Leave Clashes

Display leave conflicts among colleagues and prompt adjustments to planned leave dates

Biometric Device Integration

Effortlessly integrate with time and attendance biometric devices

Multi-Location Monitoring

View and monitor the attendance patterns of geographically dispersed employees

Overtime Computation

Eliminates manual data interpretation for hours worked and overtime

Work Hours Summary

Obtain a detailed summary, including work hours, no-pay hours, and tardiness

Job Advertisements

Different recruitment methods from online postings to agencies

Applicant Database

Pool talents using the candidate profiles

Automated Benefits

Automates the processes of managing benefits

Benefit Criteria

Benefits can be based on employee category and eligibility

Supervisor Impersonation

Supervisors can apply benefits and view history on behalf of subordinate

Bulk Application

Applications can be uploaded to the system through MS Excel

Reduce Paperwork

Avoid unnecessary paperwork associated with a manual process

Administrative Controls

Top level managers are able to define rules and workflows

Employee Transparency

Track and manage individual timesheet details per employee

Follow Protocols

Provides clear structure and can be set to follow your organization’s protocols

Add Grievances

Add grievance issues and define the order of evaluation for multiple entries

Escalate Issues

Iterate and escalate ongoing concerns regarding the grievances being evaluated

Record Grievances

Keep a clear, step-by-step record of all the details, status and outcomes for future evaluation

Schedule Trainings

Administrative users can schedule course and subject wise trainings

Closure Steps

Conduct post-training evaluations using Closure Steps

Validate Post-Training

Track progress by linking with Performance Management module

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