Harnessing the Power of Canvas Analytics

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, tracking and analyzing student progress is vital for educators and institutions. Canvas LMS offers a diverse range of analytics and analysis tools that play a pivotal role in tracking and reporting student progress. These are indispensable for teachers and administrators, as they provide valuable insights into quizzes, accounts, and outcomes, as well as student engagement, performance, and overall course effectiveness. Canvas Analytics does not only facilitate data-driven decision-making but contributes significantly by empowering teachers and encouraging enhancement of the teaching and learning experience.

Utilize the Powerful Analytics Features of Canvas

Account Analytics: Gain Insights from Account-wide Activities

For administrators, Canvas Account Analytics offers a bird’s-eye view of activities in the account level. It provides an overview of courses, teachers, students, assignments, discussions, files, recorded media, and more. Account admins can monitor activity data which can be filtered by date or term, and category. They can view participation in Pages, Modules, Discussions, Grades, Files, Announcements, Groups and a lot more. This ensures that the system is being utilized and key stakeholders are actively engaged. Additionally, they can track grade distribution trends, a visual representation of final and in-progress grades, which helps maintain quality education and ensure achievement of academic performance across the institution.

Course Analytics: Assess Course Effectivity

Canvas’s Course Analytics equips instructors with a comprehensive overview of student activity. It offers valuable data into student behavior and engagement within a course. Instructors can also monitor assignment submissions, visualize grade distributions, and access detailed student analytics. This information enables teachers to predict student reactions to course activities, identify students at risk of failing and in need of support, assess the effectiveness of their teaching strategies, and gain a quick insight of student achievements. Through Course Analytics, educators can tailor their teaching approach and create a more engaging and impactful learning environment.
  • Four (4) Key Sections:Activity, Submissions, Grades, and Student Analytics

Outcomes Analysis: Evaluate Student Mastery of Learning Outcomes

With Outcomes Analysis, Canvas empowers educators to measure learning outcomes effectively. Institutions can set pedagogical goals, while Instructors can explore individual student results, view detailed analysis, and gain deeper understanding of their performance against mastery scores and criteria. With focus on skills rather than grades, Outcomes can measure the student’s understanding and enhance their learning experience. This feature is a powerful tool for institutions committed to continuous improvement and encourages instructors to tailor their teaching methods and interventions based on specific student needs.

Canvas Studio and Quiz Analytics: Identify Where Students Struggle

Canvas Studio Analytics provides detailed insights into video content. Instructors can track who has watched a video, for how long, and which parts were skipped or garnered the most attention. These data not only show unique views and plays, but it fosters a deeper understanding of students’ engagement with multimedia activities. This tool lets educators refine video content and delivery for enhanced video-based learning experience. Quiz Analytics is another powerful tool that can analyze the performance and effectiveness of quizzes, particularly individual question results. See how many students got the answer correctly, and which questions were difficult for the majority of the takers. This allows teachers to fine-tune assessments for better learning outcomes.
  • Quiz Analytics has metrics such as: Average, Highest, and Low Score, Standard Deviation, Average Time and Discrimination Index.

Product Highlights

Account Analytics

Monitor account-wide activities to make sure users are engaged

Course Analytics

View grades, student participations and run reports

Outcomes Analysis

Analyze skills mastery against pedagogical goals

Learning Mastery

Grade Book calculating mastery based on defined method

Studio Analytics

Set assignment quality expectations with criteria

Quiz Analytics

Identifies items or topics where students had difficulty

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