Face Recognition:
The Future of Time Attendance

This new generation of time and attendance biometric devices uses facial recognition technology for identification and authentication. Integrate with your Payroll system to achieve fast, accurate, and secure employee timekeeping with no need for manual entries.

High-Verification Speed

It uses the latest detection algorithm to provide high-speed verification with a low recognition error rate. The advanced algorithm eliminates waiting time. Capture time logs and attendance in real-time.

Large Template Capacity

Store thousands of facial templates with a large capacity built-in memory. Enjoy worry-free recognition of staff members even in high-traffic areas.

Accurate Detection in Low Light Conditions

The high-performance camera is capable of accurate facial recognition in various light conditions and environments. Enjoy reliable recognition even in dimly lit areas.

Contactless Verification

Face recognition minimizes the risk of infection in today’s environment by eliminating the need for physical contact.

Fortified Security

The facial recognition system uses cutting-edge anti-spoofing technology to recognize real faces and reject fake images, videos, or 3D masks to prevent unauthorized access.

Face Recognition Products

Upgrade your time and attendance management system to one that meets your needs. Explore our broad selection, boasting varying features and performance levels.

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