On-Demand Reporting Tool: Unleash Powerful Data-Driven Decisions

Introducing PayrollPlus and its cloud-based on demand reporting tool for HRIS. Harness the power of multiple modules to generate tailored reports meeting your exact specifications. Access an archive of reports in one convenient location, capturing the latest updates seamlessly. Utilize system parameters to craft unique reports, exportable and printable in MS Excel or PDF formats.

Produce Actionable Insights using the Key Features of Our HR Reporting Tool

Accelerate Report Generation

Experience streamlined reporting with PayrollPlus’s On Demand Reporting Tool. This innovative system compiles an extensive archive of structured reports in one centralized hub, offering quick and easy access to essential information. Continuously updated with the latest system activities, it ensures access to the most current data for informed decision-making. With its user-friendly interface, this tool provides a comprehensive view, enabling quick strategic insights and actions.

Customization and Convenience

Experience unparalleled customization and convenience. Seamlessly configure new reports by leveraging existing report structures, tailoring them to your precise requirements. The On Demand Reporting Tool lets you easily view and customize reports per module, refining data fields through flexible data filtrations. Need to share or print your insights? No problem! Export these customized reports easily to PDF or Excel. It’s all about making your data work for you in the format you need.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

This web-based solution empowers users to create, modify, and access a diverse range of reports sourced from various modules within the system. These on demand reports are presented in an easy-to-view format, organized module by module, ensuring a clear understanding of individual aspects. Users can also consolidate  and combine data from multiple existing modules, providing holistic, impactful views essential for informed choices.

Product Highlights

Web-based Reports

A reporting tool powered and hosted in the cloud

Modular Reports

Generate reports from data gathered per module

Combine Data

Use different data from multiple modules

Preconfigured Reports

An archive of available reports in a single location

Customizable Reports

Create unique reports based on your requirements

Updated Insights

Captures the latest activities and updates for report generation

Variety of Filters

Use parameters in the system to generate preferred reports

Export Formats

Can be exported and printed using MS Excel or PDF

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