Monitor Your Employees’ Career Development within the Organization with HR Lifecycle

The Employee Life Cycle module is designed to transform the way organizations oversee and nurture their workforce. This innovative tool offers a suite of benefits and capabilities that redefine how we approach employee management. From tracking and managing employee progress to providing simplified administrative control and heightened visibility, it empowers companies to navigate the intricate trajectories of their talent pool effortlessly. By facilitating movement requests and offering a holistic career view, it enhances the employee experience, offering a panoramic insight into their professional journey within the organization.

Discover the Innovative Features of the Employee Life Cycle Management

Track and Manage Employee Progress

The Employee Life Cycle stands as a pivotal tool for organizations aiming to monitor the trajectory of their workforce. It meticulously tracks and creates a timeline of individual careers within the company. This system efficiently identifies, manages, and oversees the myriad changes and stages within an employee’s journey. From significant moments like promotions, shifts in designations, or transfers to compensation transitions such as salary adjustments or even demotions, this robust system ensures a streamlined approach to handling every phase of an employee’s life cycle.

Simplified Administrative Control and Visibility

Experience a structured and transparent view into the dynamic changes that shape an employee’s tenure within the organization. The Employee Life Cycle feature meticulously documents each career transition, serving as a comprehensive repository of every movement an employee makes throughout their journey within the company. From tracking transfers, promotions, demotions, to managing increments and decrements, it maintains a detailed record of each shift in role or responsibility. Furthermore, its easy configuration and ability to generate unlimited number of employee movements ensure alignment and adaptability with the constantly changing organizational requirements.

Facilitate Movement Requests

Requests and approvals made easy! This module allows employees to initiate movement requests that traverse through a predefined cycle. This ensures that applications meet specified criteria for completion, and makes the process straightforward. Supervisors have the capability to swiftly endorse career movements for their team members, simply noting the effective date of the intended transition. What makes it even more user-friendly is the flexibility to set up one or multiple approval levels, simplifying the stages an application must pass for final approval. Whether it’s an employee or a supervisor, starting the process is as easy as a few clicks, ensuring a hassle-free approach to managing career changes within the company.

Holistic Career View

All users, regardless of their role, can effortlessly track their employment milestones through an intuitive timeline view. The Employee Life Cycle function offers both a concise summary and a comprehensive detailed view, allowing for easy reference of the forms accessed throughout their tenure. The platform further simplifies the process by enabling users to search and track information based on movement type or employee-specific data. It maintains an interactive timeline for each employee, offering a holistic overview of their career progression. Notably, users can also access a comprehensive list of all movements and their current status within the application life cycle, not only for themselves but also for their subordinates, year by year.

Product Highlights

Career Development Structure

Offers clear structure for career changes during tenure

Employee Movement Tracking

Maintains a comprehensive record of every employee’s movements within the organization

View Employment Milestones

All users can view employment milestones using the timeline view

Request for Movement

Easily endorse career movements for yourself or team members

Unlimited Employee Movements

Create an unlimited number of movements from promotions to transfers and salary increments

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