All-in-One Payroll and HR Solutions For Easy Payday and Talent Management

From onboarding to retaining employees, payroll generation, and time and attendance tracking, We offer comprehensive, tailor-fit solutions for SMEs of all sizes.

A New Way to Manage Payroll

Simplify and automate time and attendance management, paycheck distribution, payroll reporting, and other payroll-related processes with this one simple-to-use platform, allowing you to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Foundational Suite

Easily access and maintain up-to-date organizational structure as well as employee related information including personal data, employee lifecycle, milestones and competencies.

Operational Suite

Capture employee attendance, approve or reject leaves, process payroll, set approvals, generate reports, produce payslips, and do so much more through this module.

Analytical Suite

Empower your HR Team with a web-based reporting tool that allows them to create, modify, and view reports generated from all available modules.

Engagement Suite

Lessen administrative tasks through the Self-Service HR Platform. Let users view their attendance and performance related information, check and apply leaves, update personal data , customize widgets, view company announcements and engage with other users via a mobile application.

HRIS Software

PayrollPlus HRIS has modules that can eliminate the day-to-day stress of your HR Team. Powered by advanced analytics, and complete with smart dashboards, an interactive portal, plus a user-friendly physical kiosk, this system can revolutionize the way you recruit, manage, develop, and retain your employees.

Advanced Operational Suite

On top of monitoring employee attendance, managing leaves and payroll, the Advanced Operational Suite allows users to track loans, allocate benefits, as well as review and approve employee timesheets.

People Management Suite

Eliminate the administrative challenges of recruitment. Track, manage, and keep a detailed record of the candidates. Define the overall recruitment process, and maintain the applicant database upon onboarding. Ensure smooth transition of the entire exit process via its offboarding function.

HR Development Suite

Built with intelligent tools which allow the HR Team to set KPIS to track employee performance, the HR Development Suite also evaluates employees on probation based on predefined milestones. Identify and hone top talent by nominating future leaders to attend trainings. Assess employee competency by comparing talent performance vs. potential metrics.

Industrial Relations Suite

Maintain standard protocols when handling grievances and applying disciplinary action. HR users can track and manage ongoing issues and appeals, assign a panel for deliberation, and record details for future evaluation. While employees can escalate incidents to ensure necessary actions and measures were taken – be it verbal warnings or legal cases, as well as view the incidents reported against him/her.

Advanced Analytical Suite

Gather in-depth information about your organization with built-in simulations, interactive, and predictive analytics. The Advanced Analytical Suite guides users in decision-making as it can simulate scenarios using the information at hand. Gather data about increments, new joiners and bonuses. Identify the costly impact of employee resignations and share these data to the top management.

Advanced Engagement Suite

Aside the Self-service HR, and user-friendly mobile application, the Advanced Engagement Suite offers a kiosk to employees who do not have regular access to computers or smart devices. Access the platform by ID code or fingerprint, and print your payslips in just a few clicks.

Time & Attendance Device

PayrollPlus is fully compatible with ZKTeco’s Time & Attendance devices. Choose which face, fingerprint, or palm scanner to use, to track and monitor your employees’ attendance, lates, breaks, and absences.

Face Recognition

Practice health and safety protocols by maintaining no contact with the device. Facial recognition also heightens your company’s security since it eliminates the ability of intruders to steal or change passwords or IDs.

Fingerprint/ID Scanner

Integrate your payroll system with a Fingerprint / ID scanner device, and avoid error-prone manual encoding of attendance logs. Verify the employee identity using fingerprint or RFID, enhance your security, and capture thousands of transaction records daily.

Palm Scanner

Ensure accuracy of attendance logs with a ZKTeco palm scanner that captures the unique vein patterns of individuals going in and out of your company premises. Prevent the further spread of diseases with a contactless way of authentication.

Affordable Health Plans

Enjoy benefits and coverage at an affordable price. offers cost-effective Health Plans specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals or small businesses.

Low Monthly Payments

Manage your personal or your business finances easier with the option to pay monthly. There is NO requirement for a significant upfront annual payment.

Flexible Subscription Management offers a flexible and convenient way to manage your monthly Health Plan subscriptions. Easily add or remove employees and dependents any time.

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