Upskill Your Entire Team with the Training and Development Module

Achieve career mastery and become more competitive in the job market. From identifying needs to program evaluations, it has a structured process that simplifies each step. Easily identify, request, and apply for various programs, providing autonomy even for subordinates. Meanwhile, supervisors have control – from nominating employees, supervising program participation, and even monitoring activities through intuitive dashboards. The module is also equipped with a user-friendly calendar view to allow users to explore and apply in scheduled trainings. For each program, in-depth reports can be generated that reveal a wealth of insights. Create and encourage a culture of learning with the Training and Development module today!

Earn Practical Skills via the Training and Development Module Key Features

Identify Training Needs

Designed to simplify every step of the training journey, this powerhouse tool guides you from identifying training needs to evaluating program success with ease. Effortlessly structure programs to enhance performance, nurture professional growth, and even plan successions. Whether it’s training employees to specific required skills, or refining training needs, the Training and Development module has a user-friendly “need converter” that ensures alignment with your team’s goals. Take charge of growth, development, and empower your team today!

Request and Apply for Trainings

Seize control of your own career growth and boost job satisfaction with PayrollPlus Training and Development Module! Experience autonomy as users across various work categories can request, identify, and apply for essential training programs with ease. Enjoy access to a wide array of relevant training programs and keep everyone in the team motivated. With intuitive tools to identify and evaluate programs, managers can also take charge of their team’s development journey. Unlock endless possibilities for your employee’s development and success today.

Empower Your Leaders

Supervisors can take charge of all core operational tasks, effortlessly.  They can conduct a myriad of activities from handling enrollments to confirming participation on behalf of applicants, tracking attendance, and managing pending evaluations—all within one intuitive interface. Meanwhile, admin users can schedule courses and trainings with ease, ensuring a tailored approach to the employees’ development needs. Elevate your training initiatives with our Supervisor-focused capabilities—simplify, organize, and lead training and development like never before!

Tailored Training Paths

Admin users play a pivotal role in directing the skills development of the workforce. For this reason, the Training and Development module provides administrative users the ability to choose the most suitable applicants for training programs from a received list of applications. This careful selection of candidates ensures a perfect fit for upskilling opportunities. Managers can also gather insights directly from the team about their desired knowledge and training, and transform them to actionable steps – fostering a culture of continuous improvement. As a result, leaders discover new areas of expertise, paving the way for investing in the professional growth and success of employees.

Post-Training Evaluations

Link training initiatives with Performance Management module to track employee progress post-training. The intuitive Closure Steps simplify after training evaluations, ensuring an in-depth understanding of the impact of each program. By connecting these activities with performance metrics, you gain valuable insights into how the training translates into real-world results. Ensure every effort drives tangible changes — ignite growth, track progress, and witness performance improvements like never before!

Scheduling Flexibility

Edit, view, reschedule, or postpone trainings effortlessly, putting control at your fingertips. Trainers can utilize the recurring schedule option that further gives the flexibility to set up programs on daily, monthly, weekly, or yearly cycles. Maximize capacity by maintaining a waiting list, allowing applicants to join when a slot becomes available. Aside from scheduling, this module enables users to define, plan, and set budgets for trainings. Trainers and managers alike can also monitor attendance, keeping tabs on the pulse of every session. Meanwhile, users can view trainer rankings for each conducted program, ensuring they get the best quality of training.

Dashboards and Calendar View

Give administrative users a bird’s-eye view of all training and development activities, making monitoring a breeze. With our calendar view option, effortlessly browse through scheduled trainings, and conveniently apply for required programs—all within the same interface. Navigate through training schedules and apply with ease, ensuring that accessing vital development opportunities is just a click away. Easily track progress, manage initiatives, generate reports, and stay on top of every activity related to your team’s career growth through the user-friendly control dashboard.

Product Highlights

End-to-End Program

A structured process from identifying training needs up to program evaluations

Apply for Trainings

Users can identify, request, and apply for existing training programs

Nominate Employees

Supervisors can nominate and confirm participations on behalf of employees

Evaluate Eligibility

Identify, apply, and evaluate the best suited applicants for the training

Capture Needs

Gather new training suggestions and requests from employees to supervisors

Schedule Trainings

Administrative users can schedule course and subject wise trainings

Recurring Programs

Edit, reschedule, cancel, or repeat training programs daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly

Calendar View

View and apply to scheduled trainings through a calendar view

Dashboard View

Admin users can control and monitor activities via dashboards

Trainer Rankings

View the trainer rankings for every training program conducted

Waitlist Applicants

Allow waiting lists once the program reaches full capacity

Closure Steps

Conduct post-training evaluations using Closure Steps

Validate Post-Training

Track progress by linking with Performance Management module

Generate Reports

Gain in-depth reports and insights on all training activities

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