Take Your HR Operations to the Next Level with Advanced HRIS Software from the Philippines’ Trusted Payroll System Provider

Say goodbye to paperwork and outdated HR processes, and make HR management simple. Get access to a robust employee database and automated workflow tools, so managing payrolls, tracking attendance records, and meeting labor law compliance requirements is easier!

Efficient Employee 201 Management

Streamline the entire lifecycle of the employee experience by digitizing essential records such as onboarding, payroll, and compliance documents. HRIS systems such as PayrollPlus make it easy to store and manage employee data, such as their personal information, achievements and career milestones.

Allows Data-Driven Decisions

With an HR information system in place, your HR department can better track and interpret organizational data, helping them address workplace issues and staffing concerns. It also allows managers to respond more quickly to any issues or questions from employees, resulting in increased job satisfaction.

Increased Productivity for Your HR Team

Tasks that used to take minutes or hours can now be completed by your Human Resource team in seconds. It includes filing and retrieving employee information, approving requests, validating timesheets, and processing payroll.

Ensures Regulatory Compliance

Whether it’s SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG, or any other taxes or contributions, PayrollPlus HRIS is localized for companies in the Philippines. It ensures your company’s compliance, as it stays updated with new rulings to prevent costly penalties.

Provides Transparency Across Users

Employees can manage their personal details, view their benefits, get a snapshot of their salary, track their hours worked, and monitor their performance – in one HR software. As a result, they are more informed and stay engaged with the company as it fosters transparency between them and their employer.

Keeps Everyone In Sync

As the leading HRIS provider in the Philippines, we can help you simplify your human resource processes, enhance employee engagement, and fine-tune workforce management. Companies implementing hybrid work setups will tremendously benefit from HRIS systems as it helps track their remote employee’s work and attendance. On-site and off-site employees always have access to the same resources in a secure and compliant way, regardless of location.

HRIS Advanced Modules: Simplify the Way You Manage Your Workforce

Unleash the power of automation in your HR operations. Each HRIS module provides flexibility, allowing organizations to pick and choose the functionality best suited for their business requirements.

PayrollPlus’ Foundation Suite is a dynamic solution engineered to enhance your HR operations and organizational efficiency. Seamlessly integrated, this suite empowers you to navigate the intricate web of employee information, optimize…

The future of workforce management is here. Introducing the PayrollPlus’ HR Operations Suite – where innovation meets functionality. Revolutionize your HR process with the Recruitment Management module and experience a platform specifically designed to…

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with the HR Strategic Suite . Cultivate a culture of growth and excellence within your organization. With our Performance Management module, you empower your teams to excel by setting clear objectives, providing continuous…

Transform how you nurture and empower your people. The HR Relations Suite is a powerhouse of modules aimed at elevating employee satisfaction and productivity. Manage and optimize employee allocations with its Benefits Management module, ensuring…

Analytical Suite

Frequently Asked Questions

HRIS systems integrate HR functions into one unified system that shares data and generates reports across the entire organization. For example, when employees join the company, information about them is entered during onboarding which will also be used as their Master Data for payroll, benefits, and time and attendance systems.

HRIS can be helpful whether you are a start-up or a large enterprise. The more information you have, means the more robust set of data can be gathered - which makes it more ideal for enterprises.

There are many benefits to using a comprehensive HRIS for employers, HR departments, and employees. Employers have more accurate payroll, attendance, and performance tracking with fewer mistakes. HR departments can quickly generate reports and analyze data more accurately than before. Employees can easily access their personal information and track their salary, benefits, and contributions. HRIS can also store personal data safely, so it complies with data protection regulations.

Performance-enabled HRIS is needed to manage hybrid workforces in today's business environment. HRIS can help improve employee engagement, productivity, and performance. It also helps HR manage organizational processes and provides self-service tools for employees.

By incorporating an HRIS into your company, you can strategically manage and prioritize your workforce without wasting time on spreadsheets or laborious manual processes. An HRIS system will prove invaluable for businesses seeking to streamline their HR operations; it saves time and eliminates data inaccuracies while enabling employees with plenty of resources.

From pre-sales to post-sales support, we're here to help you and your team get the most out of PayrollPlus. Our payroll experts are available at every step of your implementation process, from initial setup to post Go Live support.

The cost varies depending on your choice of suites, modules, and the number of employees. Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements, and we will be able to provide you with an accurate cost estimate.

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