Simplify Leave Management Using the PayrollPlus’ Mobile Application

Embrace the freedom of managing HR tasks anytime, anywhere, with our HR mobile app. 

Handling leaves and updating your personal profile is now a breeze with this intuitive application. The app’s instant notifications and user-friendly interface make managing your administrative duties effortless, ensuring you’re always in control, regardless of location.

Efficient HR Management: Key Features of Our Payroll Mobile Application

Request and Approve On the Go

You can now effortlessly request and approve time off, as well as cancel or reject leave requests instantly no matter where you are. What’s more, the PayrollPlus mobile app allows you to track your own leave status and check your current leave balance. It is your gateway to hassle-free HR management, tailored for the always-on-the-go employee.

Stay Connected with Real-Time Updates

The app keeps you informed with real-time data updates. It has customizable dashboards that provide immediate updates and views personalized to your needs. Receive instant notifications and approvals, keeping you connected and informed 24/7.

Browse Directory and Manage Profile

PayrollPlus mobile application lets you update your profile and personal information conveniently while on the move, simplifying administrative tasks with easy-to-use features. Moreover, the app also allows you to access and search through the employee directory with just a few taps.

Product Highlights

Mobile Efficiency

Streamline HR tasks for mobile and remote employees

Approve or Reject Leaves

Enables easy time-off requests, approvals, cancellations, and rejections

Leave Management

Effortlessly track and manage leave balance via the application

Directory Access

Conveniently access the employee directory, facilitating quick retrieval of information

Customizable Dashboards

Access the dashboards for instant updates with views based on your preference

App Notifications

Stay updated and receive notifications anywhere, any time

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