HR Report Navigator Module: Unlock the Power of Data Management and Insights

Designed for accessibility and intuitive report generation, this module can simplify report management. With a diverse array of predefined reports at your fingertips and the flexibility to customize them to your liking, navigating through data is a breeze. Reports can be assigned to different teams, streamlining information flow across the organization. The user-friendly HR Report Navigator centralizes access and allows for scheduled report generation, which both increases productivity and saves valuable time for other administrative tasks. Visualize and interpret your data with ease, and empower your users with informed decision-making for better operational strategies.

Experience Enhanced Reporting with the Report Navigator Module Key Features

Easy Access and Report Generation

Dive into the HR Report Navigator module – the tool that allows you to pull data seamlessly from various system modules tailored to your departmental needs. Schedule these reports to run just when you need them, and assign authorized users to generate any information they need. These reports can also be arranged for easy access, ensuring you always have the right information at your fingertips. All reports to support your decision making are located in one, centralized location.

Predefined and Custom Reports

PayrollPlus’ reporting system offers flexibility with both predefined and customized reports. Predefined reports, generated at set intervals based on user-defined schedules minimizes the time and energy spent on data extraction. These readily available reports cover diverse departmental needs, granting easy access to comprehensive information generated from all modules. Meanwhile, customized reports provide a tailored solution, allowing users to design them through Crystal Reports to precisely align with the organization’s unique requirements. These custom reports can also be stored within the system for future use, providing versatility and adaptability.

Assign Reports Per Team

Effortlessly manage and assign reports to your team, fine-tuning access to fit specific business roles. The module cleverly groups reports by sub-modules, streamlining your workflow. You can also define user groups that would be authorized to use/handle the various reports provided in the sub modules defined.

Dynamic Reporting Formats

Transform data into decision-making power with reports in both numerical and graphical formats. The HR Report Navigator module allows you to design reports that resonate with your style and requirements. Moreover, you can drill down on specifics by utilizing user-defined filters to sift through available data. Whether you prefer crisp numbers or vivid charts, customize your reports to reflect the statistics you need most, making data analysis not just insightful but also visually engaging.

Product Highlights

Centralized Access

Access system-generated reports conveniently in one centralized location

Predefined Reports

Save time and effort using predefined reports that capture data from the entire system

Custom Reports

Generate reports using Crystal Reports and store them in the system

Assign Reports

Define user groups that will handle specific reports and sub module reports

Schedule Reports Generation

Predefine a specific time and intervals to run reports

Visualize Data

Use numerical and graphical formats in generating reports

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