Enhancing Workforce Discipline: Time and Attendance Management in Payroll Software

Our Time Attendance software is the cornerstone of workforce discipline and precise payroll accuracy. With robust tools for tracking and managing employee work hours, our solution empowers organizations to enforce policies, optimize resource allocation, and ensure seamless integration with payroll processes, offering unparalleled control and efficiency.

Key Features and Benefits of Time and Attendance Management

Time-Tracking and Attendance Management

Our comprehensive solution offers real-time tracking capabilities, ensuring minimal delays or excuses in monitoring attendance. You can quickly obtain a detailed summary of your workday, including total, non-pay, and late hours, providing valuable insights into your productivity. With the ability to manage multiple time zones, create roster schedules, and access the attendance registry with direct links to leave applications, you gain complete control over your workforce’s attendance. Additionally, you can efficiently oversee pre and post-overtime and access all necessary payroll-related information, from standard pay rates to overtime calculations, for seamless workforce management and payroll processing.

Enhanced Security and Precision

Our solution revolutionizes time and attendance management by eliminating the need for manual interpretation of working hours and overtime. Say goodbye to buddy punching and other time-related fraud, as our system ensures accurate and reliable tracking, promoting compliance with labor laws. Additionally, it allows for seamless shift extensions beyond midnight, guaranteeing precise time capture through advanced attendance devices. With our comprehensive solution, you can trust that your time and attendance records are secure, accurate, and fully compliant, providing peace of mind and improved workforce management.

Self-Service Attendance Management

Our self-service attendance management system offers employees quick and convenient access to their attendance details, facilitating self-evaluations and reference checks. With the ability to request extended work hours and update attendance records with prior approval, your workforce gains flexibility and control over their schedules. Without swiping their cards on the biometric device, employees can manually enter their attendance, subject to supervisor approval. For those working remotely or outside the physical premises, our clock-in widget provides GPS-based attendance logging, automated alerts and reminders ensure employees never forget to check-in, enhancing overall attendance accuracy and efficiency.

Improve Workforce Monitoring and Planning

Streamline your workforce management with a comprehensive solution that provides direct links to leave applications, allowing you to view attendance records and track employee turnout while monitoring current employee counts and absences in real-time. Gain valuable insights into employee movements throughout the workday, including weekend rates, and empower supervisors to monitor attendance patterns among geographically dispersed teams. Roster planning becomes efficient with drag-and-drop scheduling options, and timely pop-up notifications inform you about employee delays and attendance-related issues.

Product Highlights

Biometric Device Integration

Effortlessly integrate with time and attendance biometric devices

Self-Service Feature

Easy access to personal attendance data for self-assessment or reference

Multi-Location Monitoring

View and monitor the attendance patterns of geographically dispersed employees

Notifications & Alerts

Receive pop-up notifications and alerts for employee delays and attendance-related issues

Clock-In Widget

Use the clock-in widget to enable GPS-based attendance tracking with applicable conditions

Time-In Approval

Update attendance records by employees with prior approval

Real-time Insights

Real-time tracking to minimize delays and deter time-related misconduct

Overtime Computation

Eliminates manual data interpretation for hours worked and overtime

Work Hours Summary

Obtain a detailed summary, including work hours, no-pay hours, and tardiness

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