Powering Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Operations with PayrollPlus HRIS

In the dynamic landscape of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector, where efficiency, compliance, and talent management are paramount, PayrollPlus HRIS stands as a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the unique needs of BPO organizations. This advanced HR management system integrates a suite of modules designed to streamline processes and elevate workforce management. From meticulously recording employee information to navigating the complete employee lifecycle, fostering talent growth, managing benefits, and ensuring compliance with HR policies, PayrollPlus HRIS empowers BPO businesses with the tools needed to excel in an ever-evolving industry. Read more below to know how the key modules of PayrollPlus HRIS contribute to the optimization of operations, employee engagement, and overall success within the BPO sector.

Employee Information Management: Record Keeping for Efficient BPO Operations

The Employee Information Management module of PayrollPlus HRIS serves as the digital repository for maintaining comprehensive employee records. Through the system’s 201 files, businesses in the BPO sector can effortlessly manage and organize essential employee information, ensuring quick access to vital details such as personal information, work history, and performance records. This module enhances operational efficiency and facilitates smoother HR processes.

Employee Lifecycle: Navigating the Employee Journey with Precision

The Employee Lifecycle module enables organizations to stay updated on every aspect of an employee’s professional journey. From recruitment and onboarding to ongoing performance management and eventual offboarding, this module provides a holistic view of the employee lifecycle within the dynamic landscape of the BPO sector.

HR Development Suite: Fostering Talent Growth and Performance Excellence

The HR Development Suite within PayrollPlus HRIS incorporates Training and Development, along with the Performance Management Module. This suite empowers BPO businesses to invest in their workforce by offering targeted training programs for upskilling and reskilling. Additionally, the Performance Management Module facilitates the tracking of employee achievements, providing a basis for incentives and rewards. This comprehensive approach addresses employee attrition, retention, and ensures a continuously improving and high-performing team.

Benefits Management: Enhancing BPO Employee Well-being and Satisfaction

The BPO industry is known for graveyard shifts, and is often characterized by an unhealthy environment that may not be conducive to overall well-being. The Benefits Management module focuses on optimizing employee benefits within the BPO sector to minimize these issues and create better working conditions. It encompasses various aspects, such as health and life insurance, performance benefits, transportation allowance, and other perks. By efficiently managing and communicating these benefits, businesses can enhance employee welfare, satisfaction, and overall engagement, contributing to a positive workplace culture.

Disciplinary Management: Ensuring a Fair and Compliant Workplace

To maintain a fair and compliant workplace, the Disciplinary Management module of PayrollPlus HRIS provides tools to discipline employees when necessary. This module involves monitoring and overseeing disciplinary actions, particularly in the BPO sector, where employees may encounter irate clients, necessitating careful observation for a fair and consistent approach to managing employee conduct. This ensures that organizations in the BPO sector apply the proper disciplinary measure whether it is a violation of the corporate policy, or more severe cases that may need suspension or termination.

Cadre Management Suite: Streamlining HR Policies, Recruitment, and Onboarding/Offboarding Processes

The Cadre Management Suite brings together HR policies, recruitment management, and onboarding/offboarding modules into a cohesive framework. By integrating these critical elements, BPO businesses can ensure compliance with regulations, establish standardized procedures for recruitment, and create a seamless onboarding and offboarding experience for employees. A faster onboarding is crucial so BPO companies can reduce the time it takes for employees to become fully productive. Most importantly, this suite acts as a strategic tool to mitigate challenges associated with fast employee attrition which is common in the BPO sector.

Timesheet with Cost Center: Track Staff Productivity and Reduce Idle Time During Calls

The Timesheet with Cost Center module enables BPO organizations to effectively track and manage employee working hours. This includes monitoring idle time during calls and overall staff activity. Through this module, businesses can generate insightful Time and Productivity reports, allowing for better resource allocation and enhanced productivity within the workforce. It facilitates a proactive approach to minimize downtime, ensuring that agents are equipped to service and support more customers. The timesheet module also enables organizations to foster a culture of punctuality and accountability. This not only contributes to better adherence to schedules but also aids in creating a work environment where time is utilized effectively.

Product Highlights

Employee 201 Management

Capture employee information from personal data to work experience

Reports Generation

Efficient report management to gain insights into your workforce

Milestone Tracking

Track significant employee events and milestones

Employee Movement Tracking

Maintains a comprehensive record of every employee’s movements within the organization

End-to-End Program

A structured process from identifying training needs up to program evaluations

Evaluate Eligibility

Identify, apply, and evaluate the best suited applicants for the training

Schedule Trainings

Administrative users can schedule course and subject wise trainings

Validate Post-Training

Track progress by linking with Performance Management module

Conduct Evaluations

Utilize 90, 180, or 360 degree skill-based, competency evaluations

Track KPIs

Monitor daily KPIs and measure them against actual achievements

Multiple Assessments

Conduct as many, immediate assessments to measure proficiency levels

Automated Benefits

Automates the processes of managing benefits

Online Application

Users can apply for their own benefits wherever they are

Disciplinary Actions

Impose many levels of disciplinary actions from verbal warnings to legal cases

Record Incidents

Record details, track, and manage the incidents and disciplinary actions with discretion

Proactive Steps

Avoids issues from escalating due to neglected or delayed preventive measures

Assign a Panel

The employee panel handles incidents and receives alerts when corrective steps are completed

Uphold Confidentiality

Sensitive matters are handled while ensuring complete discretion

View and Appeal Incidents

Users can view the incidents reported against them and make necessary appeals

Recorded Warnings

Logs warnings received by an employee upon a period of time for future reference

Accelerated Onboarding

Eases the tasks associated with onboarding procedures

Onboarding Checklist

Maintain a list of onboarding actions under each candidate profile

Preconfigured Procedures

Set the initial stages and clearance procedures via pre-configured processes

Audit Logs

Provides detailed audit trail for compliance and internal reviews

Mitigate Security

Retrieve access to confidential information granted to the employee

Remote Access

Access and manage the time spent on tasks from anywhere at any time

Billable Hours

Allocated billable hours can be configured, based on project or employee wise

Timesheet Approvals

Supervisors are able to review and approve timesheets

Automated Alerts

Each employee receives auto generated reminders sent on missed timesheet entries

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