Foster Service Excellence in the Hospitality Industry with PayrollPlus

If you’re looking for a payroll and HRIS system with features that are focused on elevating the efficiency, productivity and overall excellence in service in the hospitality industry – look no further than PayrollPlus. It has Recruitment Management for talent acquisition ensuring a skilled team, as well as Payroll and Time and Attendance Management that guarantees precise workforce scheduling and compensation processing despite shifting and holiday schedules. Its Training and Development, and Benefits Management collectively foster a well-trained motivated workforce, translating to exceptional service quality and enhanced guest experience. Safeguard your organization’s reputation with Grievance Handling and Disciplinary Management – two modules that establish a fair and compliant work environment. Embrace the new era of hospitality management with PayrollPlus.

Recruitment Management: Streamlining Talent Acquisition in the Ever-Changing Hospitality Industry

In the fast-paced world of the hospitality industry, high staff turnover and frequent recruitment are common challenges. The Recruitment Management module of PayrollPlus addresses this issue by providing a comprehensive solution for talent acquisition. From posting job openings to managing candidate profiles, this module expedites the entire recruitment process, ensuring that the right candidates are quickly identified and seamlessly onboarded. By automating repetitive tasks and facilitating efficient communication, the Recruitment Management module reduces the time and effort involved in bringing new talents on board, while staying compliant with local employment laws and regulations.

Payroll Management: Simplifying Overtime and Shift Pay in the 24/7 Hospitality Sector

Operating 24/7 with varying shifts, the hospitality industry demands a sophisticated approach to payroll management. The Payroll Management module of PayrollPlus addresses the complexities of overtime and shift pay, ensuring accurate and timely compensation for employees. With features like automated overtime calculations, shift differentials, and comprehensive reporting tools, this module takes the hassle out of computing pay for irregular working hours. By providing a reliable and efficient payroll system, organizations in the hospitality sector can streamline their financial processes and ensure fair compensation for their workforce.

Time and Attendance Management: Efficiently Tracking Work Hours in a Dynamic Environment

In a sector where employee schedules vary widely and overtime is common, the Time and Attendance Management module becomes indispensable. This module of PayrollPlus HRIS allows organizations in the hospitality industry to efficiently track work hours, manage employee schedules, and monitor attendance in real-time. The system’s flexibility accommodates irregular working hours and ensures compliance with labor laws. By automating time-tracking processes, businesses can reduce errors, minimize administrative overhead, and gain better control over labor costs, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

Deliver Exceptional Service 24/7 with PayrollPlus’ Performance Management Module

Employee retention is a significant concern in the hospitality industry, making effective performance management crucial. PayrollPlus’ Performance Management module provides a structured approach to evaluate and enhance employee performance which results in consistent, exceptional guest experience. Through goal-setting, regular feedback mechanisms, and performance reviews, this module helps organizations recognize their top performers and address areas for improvement. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement, the Performance Management module contributes to better overall service delivery to guests, in an industry known for its high turnover rates.

Training and Development: Maintain Service Standards with a Highly Skilled Workforce

The Training and Development module of PayrollPlus HRIS addresses the industry’s need for continuous skill enhancement and employee development. In a sector where staff training is essential for maintaining service standards, this module provides a centralized platform for planning, delivering, and tracking training programs. These include Customer Service Training, Cultural Sensitivity, Food Safety and Hygiene, Leadership and Supervisory training, and a lot more. From onboarding new hires to offering ongoing professional development opportunities, the module ensures that employees in the hospitality industry receive the training they need to excel in their roles. Invest in employee growth now with Payrollplus.

Automate Benefits Management: Handle Reimbursements and Gratuities with Ease

In an industry where tips and gratuities are significant components of employee compensation, the Benefits Management module of PayrollPlus HRIS offers a comprehensive solution for managing and distributing tips. From calculating tax-deductible tips to ensuring equitable distribution, this module streamlines the often complex task of handling gratuities in the hospitality sector. What’s more, this module also enables you to automatically compute for employee benefits such as deductible health insurance, employee discounts on meals, transportation reimbursement, or even wellness programs.

Grievance Handling: Ensure Safe Working Conditions in the Rapidly Growing Hospitality Industry

Addressing employee grievances promptly is essential for maintaining a positive workplace especially in high-pressure work environments such as the hospitality industry. The Grievance Handling module of PayrollPlus HRIS provides a structured framework for employees to raise concerns and ensures that they are addressed in a fair and timely manner. Employees can file for grievances such as unsafe working conditions, harassment and discrimination, or lack of health and safety measures. Prevent lawsuits by addressing their needs for lesser work hours, inadequate overtime pay and problematic staff shortages. By centralizing grievance management, organizations can promote transparency, demonstrate commitment to employee well-being, and foster a positive work environment even in challenging circumstances.

Disciplinary Management: Document, Investigate, and Implement Corrective Actions

Some customers, at times, may be irate and challenging to please and there is a potential for complaints to arise. Maintaining discipline and enforcing policies consistently is crucial in the hospitality sector, where adherence to standards is paramount. The Disciplinary Management module of PayrollPlus HRIS provides a systematic approach to handle disciplinary issues. It enables documentation of incidents, memos, written and verbal warnings, managing investigations, and implementing corrective actions, to ensure fair and consistent policy enforcement. By promoting accountability and adherence to organizational standards, the module contributes to a professional work environment and improves customer satisfaction which are both essential for success in the competitive hospitality industry.

Product Highlights

Generate Reports

Access salary reports, employee lists, and contributions effortlessly

Multi-currency and multi-company transactions

Manage multiple currencies and companies operating in various locations

Accurate Computations

Ensure precise, practical, and dependable payroll computations that comply with policies and statutory requirements

Match Requisition

Requisition process is aligned with manpower planning

Job Advertisements

Different recruitment methods from online postings to agencies

Applicant Database

Pool talents using the candidate profiles

Biometric Device Integration

Effortlessly integrate with time and attendance biometric devices

Multi-Location Monitoring

View and monitor the attendance patterns of geographically dispersed employees

Clock-In Widget

Use the clock-in widget to enable GPS-based attendance tracking with applicable conditions

Overtime Computation

Eliminates manual data interpretation for hours worked and overtime

Work Hours Summary

Obtain a detailed summary, including work hours, no-pay hours, and tardiness

Conduct Evaluations

Utilize 90, 180, or 360 degree skill-based, competency evaluations

Multiple Assessments

Conduct as many, immediate assessments to measure proficiency levels

Critical Incidents Journal

Keep detailed records of achievements and misses for each employee

Apply for Trainings

Users can identify, request, and apply for existing training programs

Evaluate Eligibility

Identify, apply, and evaluate the best suited applicants for the training

Schedule Trainings

Administrative users can schedule course and subject wise trainings

Closure Steps

Conduct post-training evaluations using Closure Steps

Validate Post-Training

Track progress by linking with Performance Management module

Automated Benefits

Automates the processes of managing benefits

Benefit Criteria

Benefits can be based on employee category and eligibility

Reimburse Payments

Users are able to reimburse their payments through the system

Reduce Paperwork

Avoid unnecessary paperwork associated with a manual process

Maintain Confidentiality

Ensures data security and privacy whenever an employees enter a grievance

Follow Protocols

Provides clear structure and can be set to follow your organization’s protocols

Add Grievances

Add grievance issues and define the order of evaluation for multiple entries

Escalate Issues

Iterate and escalate ongoing concerns regarding the grievances being evaluated

Record Grievances

Keep a clear, step-by-step record of all the details, status and outcomes for future evaluation

Disciplinary Actions

Impose many levels of disciplinary actions from verbal warnings to legal cases

Record Incidents

Record details, track, and manage the incidents and disciplinary actions with discretion

Observe Policies

Follows a clear set of structures and procedures, thereby reducing potential lawsuits

Proactive Steps

Avoids issues from escalating due to neglected or delayed preventive measures

Assign a Panel

The employee panel handles incidents and receives alerts when corrective steps are completed

Uphold Confidentiality

Sensitive matters are handled while ensuring complete discretion

Ensure Transparency

Employees are treated fairly with the ability to view incidents and file appeals

View and Appeal

Users can view the incidents reported against them and make necessary appeals

Recorded Warnings

Logs warnings received by an employee upon a period of time for future reference

Add Documents

Attach supporting documents such as photos, incident forms, or evidence for reference

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