Eliminate Time Theft with a Biometric Device

Get rid of the old punch clock and manage your workforce smartly with a biometric system that ensures your employees are working the hours they claim.

Integrates with Payroll Systems

No more lost time cards or forgotten punches; easily track daily attendance, employee hours, and overtime which means less dispute resolution and more accurate payroll processing.

High-Speed Verification

Capture employee data and identity with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in seconds via advanced facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, or palm scanning.

Captures Logs and High-Resolution Images

Capture all records, including the time and date of entry or exit, into a secure database for later audit and analysis with high-resolution images for complete accuracy.

Easy Installation

No complex or complicated installations and requires minimal space. ZKTeco Time and Attendance devices are plug and play for seamless, hassle-free integration without disrupting your existing processes.

Accurate Recognition System

Enhances the level of security by implementing the latest biometric technology, which can identify whether a face is realistic or an edited photo.

The Latest Technology in Biometric Scanners

Protect your organization from time theft with the latest in biometric scanning technology. Select from palm, fingerprint, or facial recognition readers for time and attendance tracking to minimize security risks and efficiently track logs.
Identify and authenticate access quickly while practicing health and safety protocols with this cutting-edge technology. This system is more secure than traditional methods, equipped with deep learning technology to accurately detect and identify faces in real-time – even in low-light conditions.
Capture exact details of employee fingerprints for a reliable and swift authentication process. This scanner uses advanced technologies to efficiently identify fingerprints or RFID in seconds, providing the highest security and accuracy for over thousands of transaction records daily.
The palm scanner is a contactless way of authentication that captures the unique vein patterns of individuals. It logs time and attendance which can be connected with third-party electric locks, door sensors, exit buttons, etc. It uses the latest palm and fingerprint identification algorithm to achieve fast and accurate identification.

Frequently Asked Questions

A biometric device can help eliminate time theft, can be integrated with PayrollPlus systems, ensures more accurate payroll processing, and enhances security by implementing the latest biometric technology. It can also capture detailed logs and high-resolution images for complete accuracy and provide easy installation without disrupting your existing processes.

Biometric devices are highly accurate in identifying individuals. The accuracy rate typically depends on the type of biometric technology used, with some solutions providing up to 99.9% accuracy. Additionally, they provide user-specific identifiers that can't be duplicated and are tamper-proof. It ensures that the biometric device can accurately identify the right person and provide secure access.

Most biometric devices are easy to set up and integrate with your existing systems. Depending on the type of device you choose, installation can be as simple as plugging it in and downloading the necessary software. Additionally, some biometric devices come with a user-friendly installation guide to provide step-by-step instructions. However, if you need more assistance, our friendly and highly trained technicians are always available to help.

Choosing the suitable biometric device for your business depends on several factors, such as budget, number of transaction logs a day, security needs, integration capabilities, and ease of use. It's essential to evaluate the options available and determine which device fits your organization best. Our team of experts can also offer guidance on selecting the most suitable biometric device for your needs.

The cost of a biometric device can vary depending on the type and features you choose. Please contact us today, so our experts can provide you with an accurate estimate based on your requirements.

Yes, many biometric devices support multiple time-ins and time-outs and flexible scheduling. However, this will also be dependent on the system setup of your payroll. This ensures that you can easily manage employee time-tracking and ensure accurate payroll processing.

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