Supercharge your HR with a Unified System from the Philippines’ Leading Provider of Payroll Software Solutions

From employee leaves to loans and contributions, easily manage all payroll processes through a single and flexible cloud-based solution. Automate your tedious computations and avoid pay discrepancies with the help of PayrollPlus payroll.

Welcome to PayrollPlus, the comprehensive solution tailored to meet the intricate demands of managing payroll in the Philippines. Our platform offers a suite of powerful modules designed to address the multifaceted aspects of payroll administration.

Dive into precise Payroll Management functionalities ensuring accurate salary computations that adhere to local regulatory standards. Effectively handle employee absences with our Absence Management feature, facilitating leave tracking and optimizing workforce scheduling. Manage employee loans and ensure transparency in repayment tracking with our Loan Management tool; while our Time and Attendance Management feature empowers you to meticulously track employee work hours, enabling precise calculations for payroll processing. Experience a versatile solution that elevates your payroll management experience with PayrollPlus.

Paperless Processes

No more digging through files, no more manual searching for Employee 201 files. PayrollPlus replaces this paper-based process which streamlines your HR Team’s workflow and reduces operational costs. It also enables users to update their information, while keeping data secure and protecting employee privacy.

Customizable to Your Industry

Because every industry has its own needs, we made PayrollPlus payroll software, modular and customizable. It is the most comprehensive payroll system in the Philippines with several modules available for expanding the basic functionality – giving you a tailored HR solution to fit your business requirements.

Compatible With Leading Business Software

You do not need to replace your current business software. PayrollPlus is a payroll system that can be easily integrated with many popular enterprise solutions, including ABSS, SAP Business One, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, and more.

Plus, we are not only a trusted payroll provider in the Philippines – our team of experts can also implement these ERP integrations for you!

Track Attendance With Ease

Your Human Resource team can now track your employees’ attendance, onsite or remotely, in the most effective way possible. PayrollPlus is highly customizable to handle even the most complex attendance-based rules of your organization.

Scalable Payroll Software

PayrollPlus is perfect for small-scale to large enterprises in the Philippines because it can adapt to workforce of any size. The system can scale as your business grows, so you don’t have to worry about upgrading or purchasing another payroll system.

Generate Intelligent HR Reports

Easily define transaction-wise specifications to fit the policies of your organization. Generate pay slips, payroll reports, loans, reimbursements, and process multi-currency transactions based on your defined rules.

Automate Your HR

Employees can now inquire about HR-related concerns from a self-service portal, such as attendance, available training, and performance-related information. As a result, your HR department has a reduced workload.

Explore Features

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. PayrollPlus complies with all Philippine-mandated laws and regulations set forth by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). It also complies with Philippine tax regulations and other mandatory benefits such as SSS, PhilhHealth, and Pag-IBIG.

You don't have to worry about compatibility issues, as PayrollPlus has been tested and verified for seamless integration with popular accounting software. We're also continuously working to ensure compatibility with other upcoming accounting solutions.

PayrollPlus allows you to manage multiple companies and their respective employee information without hassle. Furthermore, it allows you to customize the setup for each company, enabling tailored HR solutions for each.

Yes. The platform allows you to track employee locations with its Mobile App. It's a valuable feature for those needing to locate their employees during emergencies or remote work. PayrollPlus also provides efficient time tracking for both on-site and remote employees.

Yes, PayrollPlus can handle bulk uploads of shifts and other payroll procedures. It's faster than manually entering each shift individually and eliminates any potential errors that may arise from manual entry. Additionally, the platform lets you quickly and easily update payroll records anytime.

PayrollPlus is the perfect solution for businesses that live in constantly shifting environments. Industries like factories, BPOs, schools, restaurants, and those in the hospitality industry can benefit from its time-capturing feature that can accurately track multiple shifts.

Managers and supervisors can handle leave requests on the system or via the mobile app. PayrollPlus’ intuitive dashboard allows users to apply, cancel, and view employee leaves history details. Additionally, aggregated leave usage statistics are available so supervisors can keep track of how much time each team member is taking off - without having to compare each application manually.

Yes, it offers customized reports. Its on-demand reporting feature can generate payroll, BIR, attendance, and more with just a few clicks. You can also filter the data from the generated reports to get the most relevant information.

The cost varies depending on your choice of suites and the number of employees. Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements, and we will be able to provide you with an accurate cost estimate.

Payroll Services

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Seamlessly integrate your PayrollPlus in no time with your desired ZKTeco biometric device. We’ll get you up to speed in syncing your employee’s time and attendance for faster, more accurate payroll runs.

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