Advanced Engagement Suite: Powerful Tools That Connect Your Employees to HR

A suite of self-service platforms providing employees with quick access to HR information and services from anywhere, anytime.


Aside from the Self-Service HR and mobile application, the Advanced Engagement suite offers a Kiosk as a solution for employees to plan their holiday vacations, file leaves, view attendance, print payslips, and make compensation inquiries. Ideal for employees without regular access to computers or smart devices, the Kiosk is also multilingual, with an optional touchscreen interface.

HRIS Suites that Optimize the Entire HR Function

Get the most out of your HRIS with our suite of tools that optimize every aspect of HR processes, from finding top talent to keeping employees satisfied and engaged, to generating reports and insights.

Industrial Relations Suite

Ensure your employees’ safety, well-being, and satisfaction to increase your retention rate with this suite that simplifies handling grievances, performance rewards and recognitions, and other labor-related matters.

People Management Suite

This module makes data-driven HR processes simpler. It provides the necessary functions for managing personnel throughout their employment lifecycle, from staff planning and recruitment to onboarding and offboarding.

Advanced Analytical Suite

Make critical decisions using data-driven insights. Access the most comprehensive and customizable reports, analytics, and dashboards, covering all the essential HR KPIs.

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