Foundational Suite: The Engine That Powers Your HR System

The foundational modules that drive the entire PayrollPlus platform and support the other modules you choose to implement. They perform core functionalities such as employee information management, career path management, organizational structure management, and more.

Employee Information Manager

Eliminate the need to manage individual employee 201 files manually. With this module, HR teams can conveniently store and access essential data in one place and ensure they’re always up-to-date and compliant with data privacy regulations.

Employee Life Cycle

Monitor your employees’ career advancements systematically during their tenure. Track their promotions, movements across departments, performance ratings, trainings, development opportunities, and more.

Organizational Structure

Create organizational charts to respond to the changes in your business structure easily. This module gives you visibility into employee roles, responsibilities, and control points throughout the organization so you can align your hiring and talent management strategy across all your branches.

Expand The HRIS Capabilities

Extend the system’s functionalities with additional modules to address the specific needs of departments or organizations.

Operational Suite

This module simplifies time-and-attendance tracking, absence management, payroll management, as well as loan and benefits management, making payday a breeze.

Analytical Suite

Visualize data with real-time high-level summaries. It gives users accurate forecasts so they can handle possible scenarios quickly and efficiently.

Engagement Suite

This solution allows employees to take control of their information while relieving the busy HR department of mundane tasks. It can be accessed via a self-service portal, mobile app, or kiosk.

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